What hours are we open?

We are open from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Friday. Saturdays from 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM and Sundays we are closed.

How long does it take to get your delivery?

While we are working to get more trucks and staff members to serve you quicker, due to high demand, orders will be delivered the following business day after the order is placed. 

How will I know when my order is on its way?

You will receive an email & text message when your order is pulled to the loading dock. We take approximately 20-30 orders on each route so please allow 2-4 hours for the produce to get to you. 

Can you order for someone else?

Yes, please make sure you have the correct shipping address.

Why was my item refunded?

If an item becomes out of stock, you will be refunded for that item. Some items are in short supply and we aren't always guaranteed the product that we've ordered. Due to current local conditions, eggs are in short supply and we will not be able to sell just eggs. Any orders with only eggs will also be refunded. 

Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! If it is easier or quicker for you to pick up, feel free to take advantage of our drive thru pick up service. Just type "pick up" in the comment box. Pick-ups are ready as soon as the order is placed. Our pickup location is at 238 N Port Ave. Just drive up to the pickup window with your order number.

Can I walk-in and order?

No, unfortunately as of now, we are unable to serve walk-in orders. We will need you to place an order through the website and select pick-up if you would like to come up to the store for your produce.

What parts of Corpus Christi do you deliver to?

We deliver to the following zip codes: 78401,78402,78403,78404,78405,78406,78407, 78408,78409,78411,78412,78413,78414,78415, 78418,78410. We will serve all other zip codes through our drive thru pickup window. 

Why do you hold back a large supply of stock?

We have the opportunity to service hospitals, ports, and restaurants throughout the city. In order to keep these local businesses running smoothly for the people of Corpus Christi, we must ensure their orders remain separate. 

What products do we offer?

We offer essentially any produce item you can think of. We also keep a limited supply of milk, eggs, rice and are constantly increasing our range of products.